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Welcome to your electric car specialist for children. 

By browsing our pages in this category, you will find all our models of children's electric car. Carefully selected and manufactured, your future child car will be delivered to your home in a few hours by a professional transporter. As soon as we receive it, we invite you to assemble the last elements such as the wheels and the battery before enjoying your new car.

Depending on the model, the characteristics of your children's car may change. We invite you to take a good look at the different features of each vehicle before making your choice. Indeed, the engine power, the number of seats and the maximum load may vary according to the different brands and the different chassis of our electric children's cars.

Entirely controlled by our workshop, your child car is checked and tested before shipment. We do our utmost to respect the manufacturers' brand image and your satisfaction. So discover our range of electric children's car !

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Showing 1 - 15 of 20 items