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14+ yo Kids Quads

Children's Quad range 14 years and older:

Saddle height: Choose a height greater than 600 mm
Power: 50 to 125cc, can reach up to 70 km/h for some models
Safety: Circuit Breaker: Off the quad in case of fall
Wheel Size: 8 to 10 inches. Increasing the size of your wheels makes it easier to cross obstacles, makes the quad more versatile in any terrain and keeps it longer.

Ignition: Two modes are available: without e-start or with e-start. The E-Start is the electric start of the Quad. Without the E-start the boot is done with a pull-out launcher.

Attention: These characteristics are given as an indication, if the child is large for his age or you want to keep your toy longer, you can choose to go up in range.

Tips to easily start your mini Quad

It is useless to shoot with all its strength on the launcher of your child quad! You will not be able to start and you will break the launcher of the Quad!
Gently pull the Pocket quad launcher to suck up petrol from the 49cc engine. If your quad engine is new, has not turned for a long time or is cold, put the starter in the high position or even accelerate.
Gently pull the launcher from the Mini Quad to a compression point. At that moment pull a blow. Do not go to the end of the rope, you could break it or pull the launcher out of your quad!
If the two-stroke engine does not start after 4-5 attempts, try setting the choke or accelerating.
Never go to the end of the rope, that's how the Mini quad launchers break!

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