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Electric Child Quad

Electric propulsion is a new technology. A price difference may be important due to the cost of the battery. We measure the power of an electric quad in Watt and we offer 3 main categories:

Autonomy: Autonomy takes into account 3 important criteria:
Surface of use: The more rugged the ground the more the quad will spend energy in order to keep a constant speed. Example: All Terrain vs Bitumen
Weight of the child: the more important the weight of the child, the more energy the quad will spend to propel itself.
Gear Mode: 3 speed Modes are available: slow (8km/h), Medium (15km/h), and fast (25 km/h)

500 Watt: Input range in terms of power: for children 5 to 6 years old
800 Watt: most popular range. Wide range of use, ideal for children from 6 to 8 years of age
1000 Watt: The most powerful range. Ideal for large templates from 7 years to 10 – 12 years

Battery Maintenance:

Recharge the battery before storing the quad for more than 30 days. If the battery is not used permanently, it must be recharged at least every 30 days. Failure to follow these instructions will cause the battery to lose power.


The whole of our electric range is equipped with a circuit breaker (presence pedal) which allows to turn off the quad immediately in case of fall


These characteristics are given as an indication, if the child is large for his age or you want to keep your toy longer, you can choose to go up in range.

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